Ovidiu Cical - Security
Cyscale Founder, Security Lead, Security Architect – Ovidiu Cical

Founder of Cyscale – https://cyscale.com – Cloud Native – Automated Cloud Security

OWASP Cluj-Napoca Chapter Leader. Cybersecurity enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the field of information technology, working with Go, Big Data, Python and Linux. I worked as Software Developer at Sophos/Astaro, Software Security Engineer at CoSoSys where I developed DLP Endpoint Protector and sensitivity.io (cybersecurity APIs). Before Cyscale, I was responsible of the entire Security Department for at QiO https://qio.io – Industrial IoT Analytics, Insights and Predictive Maintenance.

At CoSoSys, I led the development of its flagship award-winning Data Loss Prevention Solution, Endpoint Protector as well as the ground-breaking APIs for sensitive data analysis and classification that were integrated into sensitivity.io and were born out of my vision for more data secure applications starting at platform level. In my free time, I enjoy giving back to the information security community and, as a board member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)’s branch in Cluj-Napoca.

Professional objective:

To achieve my best in IT, especially in the Information Security area. To design and tackle security concerns and try to make everything I touch more secure; ultimately, I want to be able to innovate and maybe even disrupt the Cloud Security field.


Programming Languages: Go (lang), PHP, NodeJS, Javascript, Python;
Operating Systems: Linux (Debian, CentOS, etc), Windows, OpenWRT;
Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, Cassandra, Redis;
Networking: Ethernet, Wireless, Secured protocols TLS/SSL, SFTP, Wireshark and TCPDUMP;
Micro Management and Configuration: Jira, GIT, Ansible for online servers;
Software Testing – OWASP ZAP, Burp, Accunetix, Metasploit/Kali;
Continuous Integration and Delivery – Gitlab CI + Docker containers + Unit testing;
Cloud & Micro Services: AWS, Azure, GCP/GCE, Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Vagrant.

Past Experience:

July 2019 – Present – Founder and CEO Cyscale – https://cyscale.com – Cloud Native – Automated Cloud Security with AI and Machine Learning

June 2018 – July 2019 – Security Lead https://qio.io – Industrial IoT Analytics, Insights and Predictive Maintenance

August 2016 – August 2018 – Software Architect https://sensitivity.io Cybersecurity APIs for Cloud, Apps, and Services

April 2011 – August 2018 – 
Development Manager – Server Architecture – Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

April 2011 – August 2018 – Senior Software / Security Engineer – Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

June 2015 – August 2018 – Information Security Education – Board Member at OWASP

April 2011 – June 2011 (3 months) – Security Software Engineer at Sophos – Astaro AG

October 2009 – April 2011 (1 year 7 months) – QA responsible & Support – MiOS

January 2005 – December 2010 (6 years) – Professional Freelancer – Self-Employed

April 2006 – December 2007 (1 year 9 months) – Support Technician & Tester – MiCasaVerde – http://getvera.com

September 2003 – August 2004 (1 year) – System Network Administrator – Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry